60offpromo code WU update

01-29-2017 1:52:26

The 60offpromo code works for Bitcoin & Western Union. This is valid for Ohio & Vermont currently. In order to use coupon code for WU your order total must be at least $180 or more. Say your order is $180 total, using the 60offpromo code would bring it down to $72.

OH & Vermont Promotion Continues

01-28-2017 12:27:00

You can use 60offpromo for vermont and ohio at checkout for 60% off your purchase. Please refer to previous news post about details on the promotion and restrictions. Thank you

Bad ID batch sent out

01-28-2017 12:25:13

We have accidently sent out a bad ID batch with invalid height data. If your ID had invalid height data, such as (Jun-2, May-8) so on. We are re-sending them out. You can check this URL to see if your order was affected. Please do not submit a support ticket, they will all be reprinted and sent Monday.

We have disabled some states

01-23-2017 11:43:06

We have disabled FL, MA, IL, and PA as we update those templates. Florida will be re-released new and improved shortly with huge promos!

Reload IT disabling 1/22/2017

01-21-2017 2:32:40

We are disabling Reload IT again on 1/22/2017. Will be Western Union only and Bitcoin. We are only able to enable Reload IT payment option temporary. We will enable it again in future for a while again. For now please use WU. All previous reload IT will be processed within a couple days.