Rush Production Added

06-08-2018 11:52:27

We have just added Rush Production to the order form.

Rush production will only be processed during certain times. You must order during this time or you will be moved to the next time.

* Saturday: Orders before 9:00 PM EST will be processed Sunday (Sent out next day)
* Sunday : Orders Before 9:00 PM EST will be processed Monday (Sent out same or next day)
* Monday : Orders Before 9:00 PM EST will be processed Tuesday (Sent out same or next day)
* Wednesday : Orders before 9:00PM EST will be processed Thursday (Sent out same or next day)
* Thursday : Orders before 9:00PM EST will be processed Friday (Sent out same or next)
* Friday: Orders on Friday will be processed Sunday (Sent out next day)

We give our workers weekends off, so this includes Saturday + Sunday Domestic time and Friday, Saturday International time.

The price is $40 per ID, this will increase or decrease depending on the amount of demand. If we get to many orders then it won't be rush, we want to make it limited.

**What are the benefits of Rush Production?**

* You will be printed before the normal batch (We will complete rush orders before starting the daily batch of hundreds upon hundreds of IDs.

* We will process your ID same day : Get RTP Ready and Print either the Same day ordered or the next.

* Turnaround time should be much faster, we aren't sure of the turnaround right now but we are thinking about a guaranteed week or less. (This isn't official yet as this is testing phase) but we do know for sure you will receive your ID faster then anyone else.

* You will be shipped with Express Shipping (1-3 Day - Times can vary on the shipper)

Sometimes our normal orders will be received in the same time as a rush production order but sometimes not. Rush production guarantees you a fast produced ID from a reliable source. Normal orders are still sent out as fast as possible but we have to print those in larger batches so it can take a couple extra days.

WU Bad Name Email

06-07-2018 10:33:26


Unfortunately we had to send out another mass email due to some our WU names being banned. If you received this email all you have to do is re-submit the order and you will be supplied a new name. Sorry for the inconvenience. As soon as you send we will guarantee pick it up this time we have fixed the problem.

Thank You!

New Pennsylvania Now Listed

06-02-2018 5:29:26

We thought we listed this previously, noticed we had no orders for it and turns out we forgot to enable it fully on the orderform! :( It is NOW for sale and listed on the order form.


WU\MG (Cannot Collect Status)

06-02-2018 4:36:30


We had to mark some Western Union & Moneygram orders as not collect today, we are very sorry about this. Some our our mules got blocked in the system and are not able to pick them up. You will need to get a refund you can do this by going into the location you sent the money and they will supply you the refund. Please re-submit your order and you will be supplied a new name.

Thank you!