09-20-2017 3:38:43

Hello All,,

Here is couple updates..

'Completed': These orders go out Today. Will be packages, tracked and shipped. There is about 10 orders that will be marked for bad photos and have been skipped.

'Payment received': These will switch to completed Tonight most likely, and will be out on Friday.

'Picking UP WU/MG' - These will switch to their designated status tonight (Payment Received, or Payment Denied)

'Reloadit code sent' : Doing as much as I can per day, not many in queue about 10 or so since I'm keeping up with these.

'Bad Photo' - If you corrected your bad photo via support team we will change those statuses tonight back to payment received to include in Fridays batch.

'Invalid shipping' - If you corrected this, we will also include for Fridays Batch. (If not already printed)

"WU/MG Info sent" - This will change to "Picking UP WU/MG" Today and can take up to 4 days to change to Received. I will tell my mules to try and finish them quickly.

"Reseller Requests": I check Reseller requests every 24-48 hours so please be patient. If you have made an 8 person order in the past it will automatically give you reseller when you have requested it.

Sorry for the delay, we have been working on a couple other things the last few days which took up some printing time and will be back on track surely by Friday(Monday the latest).

All completed should switch to shipped today. Might receive by, Friday/Monday depending on where it ships to.

South carolina orders

All south Carolina orders will be shipped individually and plan to be out on Friday. We are doing this because our UV for SC got messed up and we still will ship all IDs but South Carolina. We will ship you your SC packs individually with the tracking number assigned, your status may say shipped for those but we set them aside, the tracking for those should update Friday\Saturday.


Also, "Smudged OVI on WA": If you received a WA ID with some OVI over the pic, or somewhere on the ID just get a wet wipe and wipe it off it's because sometimes when I cure OVI sheets I don't do it long enough and I stack them. It will wipe off, so don't worry. Don't submit a ticket about it either please, if you did close it. Just wipe it off. This goes for any ID we sell that has OVI. Just wipe it offffff. The ID OVI that's meant to be there won't wipe off.

Bitcoin Payments Functional

09-04-2017 9:00:46

Bitcoin payments were down for about 6 hours. Our mistake, this has been fixed. If you have submitted an order with bitcoin you may have to resubmit to get a bitcoin address assigned.

50% off WA, WA EDL, OH, CT, VT, RI, FL, ME, NJ, SC, PA - BTC/WU/MG/ReloadIT - 1 week delivery

08-23-2017 8:59:13

We are caught up with all orders, and back on track. Back to fast shipping times!
Coupon code: 50off

code: 50off

Works out to be:

1-2 - $40/ID
3 - 9: $37.50/ID
10+ 35/ID

Payment Options

Western Union

Security Features

All security features, half back lams, multi spec overlays, OVI, keystone, oak tree, magstripe encoding, barcode scanning

Want better deals? Have lots of orders regularly? Apply for our reseller program. -

edit: REPRINT status, I accidentally marked all your orders as payment denied. But do not worry, status for them will update tomorrow with 'shipped'.

Reseller Program Updates - Promo Code - Order Updates

08-22-2017 8:27:40

Hello all few updates for you:

We have updated Reseller program

Anyone can apply to become a reseller
Pricing reduced to meet standards
If you have ordered a total of 8+ IDs you can become reseller
Added more states to reseller program, IDS : Washington, Washington Enhanced, Ohio, Vermont, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, Rhode Island,South Carolina, Pennsylvania (LA/DE/UT Not apart of reseller program yet)

This will be added to reseller program soon to - and

Removed purchase option of reseller, just request.

referral program coming soon

We will be programming in referral links for each person can start doing.

It will work on a per order basis, the more orders you bring in the more percentage you get from their orders places on their account
1-5 - 3%, 6-9 - 5%, 10+ - 8% - You can give everyone your referral link via social media, anything you want and you can redeem each after you have accumulated minimum $5 in bitcoin. (This will be good for people with big follower bases and can make money just off referrals)

Order Updates:

Statuses as of current 10:00PM EST

Completed: Ships on 8/23/2017
In progress: Ships within course of 1-3 days
Reprint: Ships 8/23 and 8/24
Invalid Shipping - Update your ship info on 'my orders' tab by clicking view order so we can ship
Bad pic - Contact support cause your pic is bad needs to update, supply order # and pic to support they will update
WU info sent/MG Info sent - Will be switched to picking up status 2 days.
MG/WU Picking UP - Will be picked up all by tomorrow and switch to status that your order requires(Received/Denied)
Payment Received: Statuses switch to completed tonight, ships 8/23 and 8/24

That is all for now I think

Promo Code: 50off (Not Valid for resellers, resellers already get cheaper prices with dupes and what not

50% off code 50off + Other updates

08-08-2017 1:38:07

We are still running our 50% off sale use the 50off code at checkout. All in progress orders are shipped. All completed orders will be shipped 8th, 9th, and 10th.

We will be releasing some new states on the 10th to our site, also adding additional promotion states as well as a order form revamp.