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Duplicate tickets created same day/time will be deleted, BUT if you haven't received a reply in 48 hours feel free to make a new ticket.

Ticket Reply Times

Unfortunately we are overwhelmed currently - tickets are being answered, but we are clearing backlogs before we answer new tickets. Do not send in a new ticket - it's being handled, but we have so many tickets and only a certain amount of staff/time currently.

The fastest time to get a reply would to be send in a ticket on Tues/Weds which will be answered the next day. Weekend tickets take the longest - anywhere from 1-4 days depending on our ticket amount on Monday.

This support desk is active Monday-Friday

Any tickets sent throughout the weekend will be replied to first thing Monday!


Tracking numbers and statuses are on your accounts. While we may have issues from time to time, if your tracking number is not on your account it's not here either. All statuses are on your account - we will simply tell you to check your account for your order status because there is no information we keep track of beyond what is given to you. 

Statuses go from Payment Pending > Paid/Payment Received > In Progress/RTPCompleted > Shipped.

Currently processing is 2-5 weeks plus ship from payment received (1-3 for rush). Some states (NY, VA, GA, FL, UT, RI) require special materials and processing: they are not shipped together with other states due to the longer time periods required to produce them and are therefore shipped separate.

Scanning is dependent on scanner/ID. While we try our best efforts to assure that your IDs scan, these are fake IDs and not all states may work with all scanners. We can replace with another state for a much lower price if needed.

Our ticket queue is EXTREMELY long. We are working on ways to speed up the process soon, but for now please be patient. It can take up to 48 hours+ for us to get back to you depending on the day. This help desk is not active on weekends, although we do try to get back to you on weekends if queues are long.

Most tracking is USPS. Some are not (either DHL or FedEx). Only the string of numbers is a tracking number: everything else like special characters or headers starting with 1: are for formatting.

We can NOT reset passwords. If you have a order number/email we can check your status for paid orders, however for unpaid orders we recommend creating a new account and redoing the order entirely.

If a order is "In Progress" it cannot be edited with the possible exception of the shipping address, however shipping address changes are not guaranteed.

Rush is 2 weeks +/-. There is no way for the shipping service to get it to you any faster.


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