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Average Turnaround Time or Shipping Issues


For Normal Orders:

- Average turnaround right now is about 3-5 week to receive after payment is received and confirmed on our end. Some things can delay the turnaround time such as Bad Pictures/Signatures, issues with payment and other events outside of our control such as ordering near any big US or Chinese holiday (New Years, Christmas, Spring Festival, etc). Other events such as pandemics (Coronavirus, SARS) can also slow shipping times.

For Rush Orders:

- Rush orders are shipped through the big carriers (UPS, DHL, Fedex, etc) and average 1-3 weeks to receive from day of payment. Again, some events outside of our control might cause delays just like for normal orders.


When To Contact Support?

- If your package has not been received within the average time frames.

- If your tracking number is invalid and hasn't scanned in after 1-2 weeks of being posted.

- If your rush order has been sezied ie "Clearance Event"

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