I just received my ID, I'm going to bend it do a "bend test"!

DO NOT BEND YOUR ID! The "Bend Test" is not an actual method. Sure it will bend, but you shouldn’t do it! We will not offer replacements because you put a crease in your ID from bending it. This happens to real IDs as well.

What Security features do they have:

They have UV, and Holo, Faux Microprint, 1D and 2D scanning.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept Bitcoin, Reloadit PayPower Packs(the ones with 10 digit codes. We also Accept WU, refer to our 'how to pay' section.

How do you ship the IDs?

We have several different methods for shipping, including but not limited to: USPS, Fedex, UPS and DHL

Do you offer duplicates?

Yes, at an extra lowered charge.

I have a group order, do you offer a discount?

It depends, if the order is 5-10+ We will offer a small discount.

I received my ID, what should I do now?

Use it for whatever your heart desires.

Is there a shipping price?

There is a shipping price, of $15 to cover priority mail. At the moment the shipping price on our website is disabled. So it's free at the moment, it will be enabled sometime soon though.

My Payment Says Pending Still!

If you ordered with Bitcoin and your payment still says pending please submit a ticket and provide your order number, bitcoin address and other useful information. Bitcoin payments should be confirmed right away. If you paid with Reloadit and it says pending more than 6 days, you probably used the wrong payment method. Please refer to our how to pay, also when paying with the "reloadit' option you need to have the EXACT amount on the card for us to process it. Nothing more, nothing less. The exact amount.

How To Take a Picture

Stand against a wall, solid color. Wear clothes that contrast well, get your shoulders and face in it. Make sure its in a bright room, use HQ picture and make sure your hair isn't messy.

I want to know Group Rates

Please.. the Group Rates are listed on the website. That's the lowest we will go unless you're going to order 20+.

I want to become a reseller!

If you want to be a reseller we can give you amazing prices, but you must be able to bring in 10 IDs/Week. Just let us know.

Help I submitted wrong signature!

If we notice you submitted a wrong signature we will default to our own signature for you. If you provided a not so good one, we will supply our own as well.

Getting 'Invalid File Extension' On submittion of order!

Please make sure the image you're uploading is a .jpg, or a .png and make sure they're lowercase which might help.

Reloadit - 'Payment Invalid!'

When you get a 'payment invalid' for your reloadit pack it means one of these has happened: You didn't supply the correct amount on the reloadit, we need the exact amount. - You purchased the wrong type of pack. - You entered the code wrong - Or it just wasn't scanned properly at the purchasing store. - When we try to redeem it thru one of our reloadit vendors and if it comes up 'invalid' we mark it as 'invalid'. 'invalid' on our end means we can not get the funds off the card for some reason.

I purchased a Reloadit Pack - Now what?

WAIT! Don't setup a safe at http://reloadit.com, don't enter the code ANYWHERE. Once you enter it somewhere, it will become useless to us and we won't be able to use it for our reloadit vendors. So please just enter the code you get on our website. Don't enter it anywhere else, period.

My ID Says 'Completed'?

Completed means your ID is ready to print and ship, it should be out of the completed status and posted to ship within a few days.

My ID Says 'Payment Received'

This means your payment is received and your ID will be worked on shortly, usually going to a 'Completed' Status or a 'In Progress' Status.

Website Not Generating Bitcoin Address!?

This happens sometimes due to so many orders happening at once and our system is trying to process them all at once and check thousands of bitcoin addresses. Please try again shortly as we are working on a fix for it.

Wrong Information on my ID!?

We use the exact information that you supply on the form, we do not manually change ANYTHING. So if you mispell something by accident, we don't know. We have everything automated so we don't check it. We use what you put.

I have not received my ID!????

If you have not received your ID please let us know, if it say's shipped please wait at least a week before you come to us saying you have not received it. We generally provide tracking, but sometimes we can't as were on a short supply of tracking stickers. Please supply your order number, date ordered and all the info you can supply.

I need my shipping address changed!

If you need your shipping address changed, make sure your ID has NOT been shipped yet. If it has we can't. But if it hasn't we can. Please supply your order # and the new shipping information, title the support ticket with 'Shipping Address Change' and we'll do it ASAP.

I'm missing a duplicate!

Just open a ticket saying 'Duplicate Missing' provide your order number and what ID was missing and we will look into it.

Do you fix Red eye?

The only thing we will do is change the background, so if you want to edit the photo and remove red eye before you send us it you can. We don't touch the people in the photo, only the background/hair adjustments

Order shipped no tracking posted!?

Please be patient! We mark orders shipped in bulk, we still have to type everyones tracking number out manually as they're all different. They will be posted within a couple days if not the same day! Please do not submit a support ticket about this. Do not ask!

My order says "PIcking up WU" but its picked up

When you send your WU information the status switches to "WU info sent", when we sent the codes to our mules it will get changed to "Picking UP WU". We mark them as received in batch, so once our mules are done picking up every single order that we sent them we switch all orders to received/and or denied depending on the order. We usually send the MTCN's to our mules every sunday, and they give us confirmation on Friday.

Where do I obtain a Reloadit PayPower Pack

Grocery stores and convenience stores have them. Keep in mind these take 1-2 weeks to process.

I ordered my ID and sent my information in, now what?

Now, you wait for us to get back to you and process your order. We usually try to process orders the same day - production usually takes around 2-4 weeks. As soon as were done, we will ship it.

You scammed me!

We will never scam anyone. If you have not received your ID according to the tracking number we will indeed send a new one for free. We cannot issue refunds due to security risk.

How long until I get my ID?

We process all IDs in 1-4 days of being ordered excluding weekends. It can take several days for your order to ship so please be patient. In some cases IDs can be received in a week, but most are 2-3 weeks. We do different methods to ship the IDs if all goes smoothly you will receive it fast. If your order has been shipped please be patient! We cannot speed up the process. If it has been longer then 3 weeks from the moment the order was marked "Shipped" then please contact us and we will figure out what happened. In most cases all IDs are delivered within 1-3 weeks. If there is a delay it can take a little bit longer. We cannot control this. We are working on upgrading our shipping times to 3-9 days. Which is in the process as of 05/16/2018. Once again, do not contact us if your order is not delivered within 21 days MAX(worst cases). We supply everyone tracking numbers, use it. Sometimes they don't give updates on the package for a while. Be patient.