Chinese New Year

01-22-2020 10:41:04

Please be aware that it is currently Chinese New Year and all employees in China are off for until Feb 01. About 1 week. All rush production orders ordered during the Chinese new year festival will be top priority and first in line.

We will still be shipping out previous orders that were ordered before chinese new year, but please be patient our turnaround is till on average about 2-3 weeks.

If you have any issues please contact our support!

Orders Update

01-05-2020 9:50:17


Due to the holidays they delayed a few shipments. Please be patient. A lot of shipments will be going out this week.

Our average turnaround time is 3 weeks, there may be a couple days added to that due to the delay.

Remember to submit a support ticket if you have a problem with your order


Holidays & Support

12-25-2019 12:21:11

Merry Christmas!

During this time there may be a delay in answering support tickets. Please be patient as most of our support team is based in the USA and are with their family right now.

No shipments will be going out today and none went out yesterday.

We plan on updating more tracking tomorrow 12/26/2019.

Thank you!

Material upgrade

12-21-2019 8:43:05

Some of you have noticed we have upgraded our lamination material. We use to use Gloss material and Matte material. We now have switched to a "Semi-gloss" material which matches real IDs.

Just because the material is different than our previous material does not mean it's in correct, it's actually better.

So please do stop submitting tickets to the support team claiming that its not like the old material or that it's not as shiny. We upgraded the material for all IDs for a better match to the real stuff.


Payments Fixed.

12-16-2019 2:48:25

Had a little issue with payments not confirming for BTC & CC. IT has now been fixed. All CC payments should be approved. If your BTC order did not get marked paid due to the price in BTC value dropping just submit a support ticket with your ORDER ID, Amount Paid, and we'll mark ti paid.