Missing IDS?

04-16-2019 11:29:55

Don't worry! We know, you will receive another tracking number added to your order in 1-2 days.

Thank you


04-13-2019 12:12:09

Use the code 50off

This coupon is valid for : Connecticut, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Washington, Washington EDL, Oregon, Connecticut [Old Version], Florida [Old Version]. Maine, South Carolina, New Jersey, Vermont, Illinois

This coupon code will not work with New York, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia and Florida.

New System - RTPCompleted + FASTER Turnaround!

04-12-2019 11:01:57

As some of you saw we have some new statuses to our orders and you keep trying to predict them.

Discontinued Status

In progress (We will not use this anymore, only previous orders will have this status before our new system). All orders on "In Progress" Ship either today, tomorrow or the next. Then no more orders should be on "In Progress"

Payment Received - We have received your Payment
Paid (Your order was manually marked paid)
RTPCompleted - This basically means the same as In Progress, it means we have your file ready to print and sent it to our workers to print.
Shipped - We have shipped your order, depending on what you have ordered you may receive 1 tracking number or 2 tracking numbers. You might receive one before the other. You will know by receiving a missing set of IDs and then a couple days later you will receive the other/and or a tracking number will be added to your account.
We have worked vigorously this last month on a new system to automate our orders even more, yes we are automation gods over here. We have automated it to the point all we do is click print and everything is done (excluding applying holos/cutting teslin)

With this new system we expect our turnaround to be 1 week~ soon. It's literally a game changer for us. Our old system use to generate 500 Peoples cards in about 12 hours(not even printed). Our new system can generate 1,000 people ready to print in about 30 minutes. (not printed). Once your status is on "RTPCompleted" that means we have generated your order ready to print.

That is all,

our turnaround is going to be the best in the game soon, GUARANTEED to the point where you won't even need to purchase "Rush" production because everything will be "Rush" essentially.

Out turnaround right now is about 2.5 weeks on average (some later orders may be at the 3 weeks). I will give it about 1.5 weeks to catch up on all outstanding orders and our turnaround should be 1 week, 1.5 weeks maybe.


Order form fixed

04-01-2019 8:04:42

If you are having display issues with the order form try clearing your browser cache. All has been resolved.

Credit Card\Debit Card acceped

03-23-2019 12:27:04

Just letting you all know with us, walking into a Western Union with cash isn't the only option to pay us.

You can pay online with a Credit / Debit card. All you have to do is send it to the

First Name
Middle Name
Last name

That we supply,

Please make sure to submit your MTCN and the transfer amount you have sent on our form and then make sure to click send!

Once you click "Send" your status will have changed from "Payment Pending" to "WU Info Sent"