Zelle - Payment Option Days

08-16-2019 8:28:28

We have decided that Zelle Payment Method will only be available on Monday & Thursdays of every week. Known as "Zelle day!"

If you would like to purchase throughout the week please use Western Union. We may enable zelle for additional days at some times.

Introducing Zelle Bank Transfer

08-11-2019 11:36:04

We are testing the waters and are introducing Zelle payment method.

A lot of banks are partnered with Zelle and you can send us funds through your online banking. Banks such as Bank Of America, Capital One, Wells Fargo and many more. You can also enroll in Zelle by installing the app on your phone and sending money with your credit card. View our "HOW TO PAY" under the "Guide" in the navigation bar above to see how easy it is.

273 Orders "Reprinting Due To Error" 7-13 to 7-17 Order dates

08-04-2019 3:52:19

We have discovered an error that positioned some peoples IDs for HAIR\EYE color incorrectly in our automation. This is only a fraction of orders, about 5% affected.

Nonetheless, 273 orders were affected out of about 1,500. Will take 1 day to produce and will be made today and sent out tomorrow to USA and should ship out by Wednesday.

If you receive an ID which is predisposition like this, don't worry your order should have changed to "Reprinting Due to Error".

There will be no delays on current orders, we still fast boys.

As always, we will fix any issue with all orders, even if you don't notice the error.

Do not complain, do not ask for us to rush it for free, do not ask for free ids. All these Ids are still well within our 2-3 week turnaround.

Also, if 1 ID was messed up in your group order we're just reprinting the whole entire group. So there is that