Check your tracking! "Failed Attempt" Statuses

05-16-2018 5:47:53

WE WILL NOT ship your order again for free. If the courier has come to you and you were not there to pickup they leave you a notice, if you do not contact them and reschedule your delivery it will be returned to sender and destroyed. This is your responsibility. We ship to your address you be there and watch tracking or reschedule delivery if need. We will not reship the product again at our expense.

Pay attention and make sure to check your tracking numbers daily!

Thank you.

How long until I get my ID?

05-16-2018 5:29:19

We process all IDs in 1-4 days of being ordered excluding weekends. It can take several days for your order to ship so please be patient. In some cases IDs can be received in a week, but most are 2-3 weeks. We do different methods to ship the IDs if all goes smoothly you will receive it fast.

If your order has been shipped please be patient! We cannot speed up the process. If it has been longer then 3 weeks from the moment the order was marked "Shipped" then please contact us and we will figure out what happened. In most cases all IDs are delivered within 1-3 weeks. If there is a delay it can take a little bit longer. We cannot control this.

We are working on upgrading our shipping times to 3-9 days. Which is in the process as of 05/16/2018.

Once again, do not contact us if your order is not delivered within 21 days MAX(worst cases). We supply everyone tracking numbers, use it. Sometimes they don't give updates on the package for a while.

Be patient.

Review Special Compeition!

05-16-2018 12:34:00

We have done this in the past and there was a couple lucky winners last time of $1,000 each.

All you have to do is post a review of our product, link us to the review and we will enter you in our raffle to win $1,000. Two winners will be chosen. Money will be sent VIA Bitcoin or Western Union. No exceptions.

Where do you post the review?


Create an account here, 1 minute is all it takes -

Once you're registered and logged in go here -

Select Vendor "FakeYourDrank", take couple pictures of your ID make sure to block out your info in paint or photoshop!

Fill out all the information and post it!

Once you have done this please email us at [email protected] with your username you registered with and your order number and we will enter you!

Have fun!

Drink responsibly.

Limited Time 50% OFF. Code: 50off

05-02-2018 3:17:04

Limited time sale, only util 5/05 2018! When you are at the payment screen at checkout type in 50off for 50% off your entire order! (Shipping/Fee Not 50% off).

Shipping Stealth! Check Your Mail!!!

04-20-2018 9:58:43

We have many customers throwing away their IDs thinking they did not receive them. Please make sure to check your mail! Anything with your name on it, check it! Everywhere, not just open and throw away. Our stealth packaging is meant to get passed anything. Mailers, Parents, so that means you'll have a hard time finding the IDs if you're just glancing. Tear/open whatever you receive and look good!

It is recommended that you add an extra letter or word to your shipping name so you know which package is specifically yours. We do supply tracking #s so make sure to track it.

We will not reship for free because you threw away the IDs.