Tracking Number "Preshipment" Status

09-19-2018 11:40:37

Hello all

If you received a tracking number and your order says "Preshipment"

Do not worry. They are indeed shipped. For some reason the courier didn't scan them in the day they were dropped in the mail and some were and some weren't.

We aren't sure why, but they should scan in anytime. Ee are actively watching the tracking numbers to make sure they all scan in.

If they do not scan in by 09/20 we will remake and send them out! Same day, please do not open support ticket about this.


WU Orders - Free Rush expires 9-19 11:59PM

09-18-2018 5:52:23

Hello all

All WU orders that are paid by 9-19-2018 11:59PM (24 hours from now) will be given free rush production! Do not choose rush production at checkout. We will automatically give you rush production. You have to pay by 9-19-2018 11:59PM. Any order after will not get free rush production. Rush production value is normally $50/ID plus fedex shipping. Thank you!


09-17-2018 10:52:25

Order with Western Union while we have extremely fast pickup! We will pick your order up within an hour if paid by 10:00PM EST. No more long wait times!

Western Union Orders + Enabled! FAST

09-16-2018 9:46:59

We have different workers now. Orders that are $100+ will be picked up the same day. Orders that are $55+ can take 1-2 day to pickup.


Moneygram Orders + Support System

09-15-2018 10:52:42

Hello all

If your Moneygram order has been on status "Picking up MG" and has been for an excessive amount of time, please check your status of the moneygram order. If it has been picked up we may accidentally didn't mark it as paid. You can do this on the Moneygram website by checking your reference number.

If you have any problem please email us at [email protected]

Also we are a little delayed in tickets. We do not answer tickets during the weekend usually but we will answer as many as we can. Please be patient!

Thank you!