Notice: Paid & Your order is Payment Penidng?

03-15-2019 2:30:21

If you have paid with either Bitcoin or Litecoin and your order status is on Payment Pending for longer then 1 hour it might mean you have sent the wrong amount. Please submit a support ticket and provide your order ID and the bitcoin/litecoin address you paid and the amount so we can verify it and manually mark your order as paid.

You need to send the EXACT bitcoin/litecoin amount. If you did not send the exact and are only $1-$2 short we will manually accept it but it might take up to 24 hours, if you want to bypass this send another $1-$2 to the bitcoin address or however you mispaid.

Please be patient with this.

If you paid with western union

You need to go to your "orders tab" and click "view order" please follow the guide and submit your WU information to us.

once you have done so your status will switch to "WU INFO SENT"



03-11-2019 10:23:41

We had site issues the last 2 days so we will be doing a 50% OFF promotion. 3 days only to get your order in and at checkout use code 50off to get 50% off your order.

WU\BTC\LTC ACCEPTED our turnaround is now 2 weeks.


2000 Tracking Numbers posted

03-05-2019 4:38:28

We have just shipped 2000 orders and posted all the tracking numbers. If your order is currently "In progress" expect it to update this week! We are revamping our factory and plan on getting an expected turnaround of 1-2 weeks soon!

NY - GA - TX - UT - RI - AL Released

03-04-2019 1:45:58

Hello all

We have just now released New York, Georgia, Texas, Utah (New DMV Template) Rhodie Island (New DMV Template) and Alabama!

With all the correct security features.