10-19-2019 4:03:45

To get 50% OFF use code: 50off at checkout.

Also, please make sure to keep an eye out for your order statuses updates on Monday! We will be updating a lot more trackings. We just updated about 600 yesterday. Stay tuned.

Make sure to read our updates to!

Orders Update, READ!

10-18-2019 10:18:22

Hello please read this most recent post,

Thank you!

Tracking Numbers

10-15-2019 9:12:57

If your tracking number is not scanned in yet or doesn't show up on the shipping courier website, it should scan in today. Yesterday was columbus day in USA so shipping courier was closed


Massive Update Post

10-10-2019 4:36:29

Here is a massive update post of nearly all order numbers, please read this post.

Put this URL in your address bar and you'll see the latest updates about your order.

Thank you!