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We are guaranteed the best and most reliable for Fake IDs at the best prices!


We're catching up as fast as we can.. 1,200 tracking numbers to be posted today!

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Join the DarkOrbit DNM and show proof of registration and receive a 50% off coupon. You must have TOR installed. http://orbit4l4zk7jy5dymfvnhipwzpjh3hserapxp3qzdex4fso7tiesxsad.onion/

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We have some shipping / tracking delays due to the festivals/autumn festival going on in China right now. There is also another holiday from 10/01-10/08. We are going to try and get all IDs sent out b

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Stealth Shipping

Your security is our upmost priority. All of our packages come disguised as a normal letter to ensure it is not interecepted by the courier.

Secure & Reliable

All of our Fake IDs are guaranteed to scan and swipe with all your information, we replicate the holograms 100% to a real ID. Our IDs pass the bend test and the black light test.

Super Fast

We offer quick shipping with all of our Fake IDs being completed within 1-3 days than being sent out. We will get your order to you as fast as we possibly can, your satisfaction is our goal. We have an average turn around of 2 weeks for our Fake IDs.

Low Prices

We offer huge discounts for group orders! See the Prices page for more information on pricing

All Security Features

Our Fake ID and Novelty ID are guaranteed to scan, blacklight, and they have their appropriate holograms which replicate the real product 100%.

Customer Support

Our support is here at your need 5 days a week, M-F. We will answer all your questions. We are here to satisfy all your needs.