Arizona FAKE ID


Description: The currently issued license is a digitized credit card style with optically variable shifting ink. The back of the ID has a magnetic stripe with a 2D and 1D barcode that can be used to scan.

Printing Material: The Arizona fake id is printed on a premium Teslin material and bonded together with PET Lamination.

Term: Current issued Arizona IDs with the REAL ID star are valid for 8 years from the issue date.

Security Features

  • A Ghost image with over-lapping laser perforation in the shape of Arizona.

  • Raised Tactile DOB along with an OVD state seal "Arizona" and state outline; microprinting

  • The driver license number is 1 letter followed by 8 digits.

  • The back of the ID has a UV Ghost image as well as an encoded magnetic strip and properly coded barcode

  • Pricing

    1 Person $105/each
    2+ Persons $75/each
    4+ Persons $55/each