Washington FAKE ID


Description: The Washington License is a rigid plastic card with two barcodes on the back.

Printing Material: The Washington fake id is printed on a premium Teslin material and bonded together with PET Lamination for superior results.

Term: Expiration up to 6 years after original issue date.

Security Features

  • Real ID Star added on the top right corner of the ID card.

  • Guilloche and Micro printing throughout the bottom of the license with a wavy MT Ranier design visible when tilted at the right angle

  • The drivers license number is up to 12 alpha-numerical items which include the persons last name.

  • Has a 2 color shifting coniferous tree depending on the angle it is viewed at.

  • UV on the front of the ID in the the shape of the Washington State as well as the seal as well as repeating "Washington" and guilloche pattern

  • Pricing

    1 Person $80/each
    2+ Persons $70/each
    4+ Persons $50/each