New South Carolina

New South Carolina FAKE ID


Description: The new South Carolina license has a 1D and 2D barcode located on the back of the ID. They vary from having a "REAL ID" star or they will say "NOT FOR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION", both are valid.

Printing Material: The new South Carolina fake id is printed on Teslin. The old version was printed on PVC and feels different. The new material is a bit more flimsy then the old.

Term: Expiration is 8 years from the original issue date. The prior expiration on the old South Carolina issued by the DMV was 10 years. They h

Security Features

  • Bright UV on the front of the id card of complex guilloche pattern

  • The drivers license number is 9 unspaced numbers and uncoded in sequential order. In other words they randomly generate the license number with no algorithm.

  • This ID uses a multi spec hologram which looks like an overlay that doesn't fully extend over the ID.

  • 2D and 1D Barcode are both scannable to pass. You will have no issue with this scannable fake id.

  • Pricing

    1 Person $80/each
    2+ Persons $70/each
    4+ Persons $50/each