New Kansas

New Kansas FAKE ID


Description: The New Kansas License is a Flexible plastic teslin card, the back has a 1D and 2D barcode. The license must have a Kansas address and not an out of state address.

Printing Material: The Kansas fake id is made using Teslin with PET lamination to replicate the texture and feel of the ID. It has a total thickness of 21mil to match the real license.

Term: Current issued Kansas licenses have a 6 expiration for original issued licenses.

Security Features

  • A Ghost image with over-lapping laser perforation in the shape of a turtle.

  • The UV consists of wavy lines, that form a skyline, flower and a rope. There is also a UV printed date of birth on the back of the ID.

  • The drivers license number is 8 digits unspaced. First one starting with a K.

  • The back of the ID has a UV Flower

  • 3 Color OVD hologram on the front of the ID card spelling KANSAS

  • There is raised text in the form of the raised date of birth by the ghost picture

  • Additional Information

    Home of the famous Topeka, this small state has more to offer than you may think. Don’t let the small population fool you, Kansas residents know how to get down. This flyover state is often overlooked but one can assure you that it is greatly underrated. Residents of the Sunflower state know this all too well, despite their “dry” history.

    Drinking Culture in Kansas:

    Like many of the flyover states, there isn’t a whole lot to do but binge drink. In Kansas, 62% of adults drink regularly and 28% binge drink regularly. Home of the Kansas Speedway, Kansas hosts the stereotypical Nascar watching, binge drinking American, and they carry that title proudly. Residents also enjoy a variety of casinos if that’s your thing.

    History of Alcohol in Kansas:
    Kansas has a very interesting history with alcohol, as it is almost completely independent in what it does. The state of Kansas has still not ratified the 21s amendment, which repealed prohibition. Almost a century after its creation, Kansas is still sticking to their guns. Kansas went dry about four decades before prohibition even began. Despite the majority supporting prohibition in the state, many bars and breweries remained open. In much of Kansas, prohibition was a façade and even the police weren’t going along with it. They’d arrest someone just to give the illusion of enforcement, then let them go the next day. After the ratification of prohibition, Kansas remained dry for 4 more years after the rest of the country. This made Kansas the single longest state to enforce prohibition in the entire country. Even after the repeal of prohibition, liquor was still not allowed in bars and could only be consumed at home. Despite its dark history, Kansas has made great strides in alcohol consumption and has become a staple part of its culture.

    Kansas Alcohol Laws:
    Off premise alcohol (gas stations, corner stores, etc) can be purchased between the hours of 9 am to 11 pm Monday through Saturday, and 12 pm to 8 pm on Sunday. Open containers of alcohol are strictly prohibited outside of private buildings and will grant you a fine if seen. Sales of alcohol are prohibited on most holidays in Kansas, so if you plan on having a party make sure to purchase ahead of time.

    What bars do we recommend in Kansas?
    • The Legendary Boobie Trap Bar
    Boasting great drinks with craft beers, cocktails, and just about everything on draft. This fancy place has much to be proud of and is a fantastic spot you shouldn’t miss out on. The only downside would be the price, but we guarantee the experience will be worth it.
    • Gayle’s
    Presenting fantastic live music with a old school biker vibe, this charming bar is a must go. The decor is worth the visit alone, but the great drinks and service make it amazing. If you go, we recommend getting there early as it can get very busy.

    Where to stay away from?
    • Ryan’s Pub
    Although offering laid back vibes with Irish decor and fancy foods, their service is overpriced and can add up quickly. They do have some nice drinks, but the price overweighs the benefits and we recommend you stay away.
    • Wild Horse Saloon
    This night club is extremely crowded and gets overbearing real quick. The DJs range from below average to atrocious. This is one you should skip out on, and don’t worry, you aren’t missing out.


    1 Person $80/each
    2+ Persons $70/each
    4+ Persons $50/each